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Future Food

Future foods aka complete foods has the goal to make food as simple, as cost effective and as time effective as possible. The most popular brand is Soylent, one of their video explains really well what Soylent is.

Complete foods caught my attention when I read an article about them at school. Some time later, I wanted to try it out. Soylent itself is only available in the United States but as a European I had the pleasure to try out many different European brands.


Joylent is based in the Netherlands and was founded by Joey van Koningsbruggen. I read that Joylent is the best kind of complete food for beginners, thus I ordered Joylent.
I ordered chocolate, vanilla, banana and coffee. I was most satisfied with vanilla and banana but I didn’t like chocolate at all! Coffee was alright, however, I am not a huge coffee drinker. I also tried their Twennybars, I liked the taste but it was very dry and a lot more expensive than the powder.


Nano is also a dutch brand. Their products are supposed to be the closest to Soylent. I really wanted to know what Soylent tastes like so I had to order Nano. Aside from their regular powder, they also have the Nano SOUP, which is a vegetable soup, that is also nutritionally complete. Nano regular is okay, however, a little bland and boring. Nano SOUP has a much stronger taste and has in my opinion a better taste – I really liked it… but after consuming it, I experienced a lot of stomach growling.


Mana is a company based in the Czech Republic. Aside from powders, Mana offers pre-mixed drinks which are very useful if you are on-the-go. When I ordered Mana, I only ordered the the drinks. These are more expensive than the powder because of the convenience. The taste is supposed to be neutral but when I tried them I only tasted one thing: They’re digusting.
I let some of my friends try their drink and quite a few of them liked it, even though they couldn’t really make out the taste. So it’s probably me and not the drink but it was clear that I am never going to order from Mana again.


Compared to the other brands, the dutch brand Queal has a lot more tastes. I ordered their taste tester pack which offered different tastes. Because I liked Queal that much, I ordered a second time. Find below my review of the Queal tastes:

Awesome Apple Pie Hands down my favorite taste of all complete foods. Tastes just like Apple Pie!
Cool Chocolate Not my favorite chocolate taste but definitely better than Joylent’s chocolate.
Chocolate Hazelnut Happiness It’s a very good taste. For me it tastes like Nutella.
Super Strawberry It’s very fruity but not too sweet. I liked it a lot.
Funky Forest Fruit I’m not the person who likes forest fruits but it tasted decently.
Banana Mania You can easily compare this one to Joylent’s banana taste, both are very delicious.
Smooth Vanilla The same goes for vanilla, very delicious. I like it the best when you cool in the refrigerator before you drink it.
Bangin’ Bacon (Limited Edition) If you smell it, it tastes like bacon. But in the mouth it tastes very bland. I wouldn’t order it again.
Tasty Tomato (Limited Edition) It reminds me of crackers with a tomato taste. But just like Bangin’ Bacon it’s too bland.
Kick-Ass Kiwi (Limited Edition) I wouldn’t say it tastes like kiwi exactly but it’s like a mix of tropical fruits. It also reminds me of Swiss “Müesli”. I’d order it again!

If you feel like trying out Queal as well, you can order it using my ref link here: