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Gaming used to be a huge part of myself. I started playing video games at a young age, I think at the age of 6. The first games I played are Moto Racer and Age of Empires II.

Moto Racer

Moto Racer is a fast-paced arcade motorcycle game featuring GP and enduro bikes. The first part had only eight tracks, yet it was still a lot of fun that would never get boring.

Age of Empires

At first, I played Age of Empires II. I would like to spend my time building a beautiful city, messing around with the AI in the campaign and just do what’s fun. I wasn’t focussed winning on at all.

When I started playing Age of Empires III, I would play it in a more competitive sense. I played it online against real people, thus I didn’t want to lose every game. My brother at the time was a very good player and he coached me. I had a lot of fun playing the French and the Iroquois with a quick rush tactic and winning quite a few games.

StarCraft II

I used to play Age of Empires with my friends, however after some time we moved on to StarCraft II, Blizzard’s flagship RTS game. Due to StarCraft’s sci-fi setting, I didn’t like it as much in the beginning. However, I quickly realized that StarCraft is a lot faster and competitive than Age of Empires, thus being intensively fun. I would consider myself a bad player, yet I had some success in the 1v1 mode. I played the Terran race and I only played one strategy which was an all-in after approximately 5 minutes. If my first offensive push failed, I usually lost the game, so my strategy was very high risk. In the end, I made it to the Master’s league, I am not unhappy about that, yet there are so many better players than me in the master’s league.

League of Legends

League is the next game, compared to StarCraft it is a team-based strategy game. What I like a lot about it, is that you meet all kinds of people and you have to adapt to your team member in order to win a match. At times, it can be hard to communicate with the team, which is sometimes a bigger challenge than the enemy team. Aside from that, League has a lot of characters to choose from (over 130), so every game is unique in its own way. There are 5 roles in each team, and I usually played the support role, which is the least popular role. I played the game in a very competitive manner, at some point I also joined Swiss LAN-parties and play in tournaments. While not being successful at these tournaments, it was still fun.  At my peak I was Platinum I, which is in the top 2.2% of all players. I am very proud of that, yet I always aimed to become a diamond player. Unfortunately, this never happened and soon after I joined the army which limited my time to the weekend.