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I don’t play an instrument nor do I make music in any other sense. Like anyone else, I like listening to music.
To pin down my favourite music, let me name the genres:  Pop, Country and Country-Pop/Pop-Country


I like most of the mainstream pop music on the radio. However, there is my special love for Taylor Swift’s music. I consider myself a huge Taylor Swift fan. In my opinion all of her albums are great, especially her earlier ones with a country vibe.


American country music is changing through the generations. I like listening to older country stars, such as Johnny Cash and Tanya Tucker, as well as newer country stars, such as Brad Paisley or the Zac Brown Band.


Country-Pop is a genre which receives a lot of love… and also a lot hate. The opinions on country-pop are divided. There is a community called We hate Pop Country, that wants “real” country music to come back. Some great examples for Country-Pop are Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line and Shania Twain.