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Swiss Armed Forces

In Switzerland, every man of swiss nationality has to serve the army (women don’t have to but they may serve). At the age of 19 the recruitment takes place, that’s when you are the declared fit for military. Unless you have any physical or psychological restrictions, you are usually able to join the army. In 2016, 78.4% were declared fit (Source). With the results of the recruitment you are assigned a role according to your strengths and weaknesses. I was conscripted as a transmission soldier who is stationed in Emmen (canton Lucerne) at the Swiss Airforce.

12.12.2016 Recruitment
03.07.2017 Start of military training school
21.08.2017 Decision to serve longer
28.09.2017 Promotion to private
28.10.2017 Start of the training to become a sergeant
24.11.2017 Promotion to sergeant
08.01.2018 Start of the next military training school