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TeamSpeak 3

When I played video games with my friends, we usually used Skype. The huge disadvantage of Skype was its stability and the lack of voice channels. TeamSpeak 3 is a tool tailored to the needs of gamers. At first, we used a public server. Later, I decided an own server would be even better. On an old HP EliteBook I installed Ubuntu I messed around with the TeamSpeak server software, later I rented a cheap VPS server. This has always worked out for us. If you are thinking about opening your own TeamSpeak 3 server, I’d recommend you to rent a server at virmach using my ref link, I have never experienced any down time and prices are very cheap. I pay US $5.– per year, which is a lot cheaper than any TeamSpeak 3 reseller with 32 slots.

Ever since I stepped back from gaming, I gave my friend Sven the lead of the TeamSpeak server. For now, I am only responsible for the technical side. The server is used mainly by my friends but the public can access it as well. The Adress is I’m not telling any rules, common sense should apply.